Let's take a moment to celebrate the Moms in our life!


Linh: My mom may be 4’10” but she has a larger than life personality and a laugh that makes you forget your troubles. During hard times when she first came to the US working multiple jobs to support her parents and our family, I never heard her complain. She was always cracking jokes and cooking up something amazing to bring the family together.  My mom taught me to always make time for the people that matter, that laughter is the best medicine, and most importantly to be my own source of strength. 


Joy: My mom is my soulmate. My best friend. My greatest source of love and support. My everything. We talk on the phone everyday, multiple times a day (which can be a little excessive), but that's how we stay connected and share our days with each other. She reminds me to take my vitamins, to be careful when parking my car at night, to not sleep with my hair wet and to sleep early because she knows how much I need my beauty sleep. Her little reminders are my constant reminder of her love and thoughtfulness, which knows no bounds.  


I want to take a moment and give gratitude to the moms, mentors, sisters, and important women in our life. Let’s cherish the ones we love and always strive to show them how much we care with a note, a photo, or a gift.



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