Using beeswax wraps is a great step towards reducing the use of plastic wrap and sandwich bags in your kitchen. Unlike aluminum foil and plastic wrap that is discarded after a single use, Bee Lovely Beeswax Wraps can be used over and over again. The best part is that beeswax wraps are designed to keep your food fresh and stores well because it allows your food to breathe. The wraps are reusable, washable, and anti-bacterial. They are an eco-conscious choice to store leftovers, pack lunches, and keep food fresh in the refrigerator. 



Use the warmth of your hands to press & mold your Bee Lovely Beeswax Wrap until it sticks around bowls, cheese, half-cut fruit or snacks. It’s the heat from your hands that helps make the wrap malleable! It may be a bit stiff at first use so you may need to apply firm pressure when using your hands to mold the wrap.

The tackiness you feel is pine rosin and it helps the wrap cling. If it feels tacky on your hands rub it in, as it’s also a healing salve. This tackiness will decrease in time and use. If you live in a cold place, I’d suggest running your hands under hot water and then pressing it into the wrap to mold around bowls.



Wash your wrap with cold water and mild dish soap. Air dry and store in a cool dry place. I put mine where the plastic wrap and aluminum foil is to remind me of my alternative! Due to the low melting point of wax it is not suited for use with: warm foods, microwaves, hot water, direct heat, high temperatures, and the dishwasher. It’s not a complete replacement, but it’s a start!